Advanced Techniques in APT


16-Part Video Series (2017)

Assumes participants have a basic working knowledge of APT.

2017 recorded webinars – 90 day access

Learn those extra tricks that make life easier!

Everything from re-linking children to adding a logo to your invoices – all covered in 16 videos.

A convenient and effective way to build on your knowledge of APT.  And if you’re not too sure if you have enough background in APT, call us and we’ll talk about it.

(Please note: the webinars do not cover home-based, OSCAR or holiday programmes.)



About the webinars

These on-demand webinars follow on from our Getting Started series. They cover the same 7 key APT functions: enrolments, attendance, staff roster, invoicing, payments, reports and housekeeping – but in more detail.  Again, the four original 60 minute live webinars have been further edited into smaller single-subject videos – making reviewing easier.

In each video you’ll see demonstrated a range of APT’s advanced features, and we’ll suggest exercises to try yourself (we’ll explain in the first session how you can download a dummy database from APT so you don’t risk damaging your live APT database).

All the questions and answers from the live webinars are available for download.

Your outcomes

After you complete your 16 videos you can expect to have a practical, working knowledge of:

  • Enrolments – Locating children, sort keys, re-linking children, child departures, child alerts, waitlists.
  • Attendance – Attendance reports, correcting errors in previous weeks, frequent and continuous absences, scanning.
  • Staff Roster – ‘Rooms’, staff categories, swapping staff, removing staff no longer used, staff reports and options, exporting staff hours to payroll.
  • Invoicing – Addons, bulk addons, emailing invoices and newsletters, re-designing invoices, advance billing.
  • Payments – Banking, AP’s and DD’s.
  • Reports – All reports available in APT.
  • Administration – Restoring APT, rates, parameters, setting passwords.