Getting Started with APT


14-Part Video Series (2017)

No prior experience with APT required.

2017 recorded videos – 90 day access

Learn how to operate APT confidently and safely.

All the core features of APT – covered in fourteen videos.

Watch the videos as many times as you need, on any internet-connected computer, 24/7 (there is no need to APT loaded on that computer).

(Please note: the videos do not cover using APT in home-based, OSCAR or holiday programmes.)



About the videos

A complete guide to APT Childcare software in 14 easy to follow videos.

Two full hours of recordings working step-by-step through the 7 key APT functions: enrolments, attendance, staff roster, invoicing, payments, reports and housekeeping.

In each video you’ll see demonstrated all the best practices (and we’ll explain in the first recording how you can download a dummy database – the same as the one we use in the videos).

Your outcomes

After you complete these videos you can expect to have a working knowledge of:

  • what APT is designed to do
  • how to operate all the core APT functions
  • what information APT can provide (reports)
  • how APT can be kept backed-up and up to date

Best of all…

…you’ll be able to operate, and be safe around, a real live APT database!