Managing APT


3-part webinar series

Assumes no prior experience with APT

2014 recorded webinars – 90 day access

See how to make sure APT is doing what it should.

Discover what checks and balances you should have in place – in 3 x 1-hour webinars.

If the buck stops with you, we’ll show you the sensible precautions you should take.

(Please note: the webinars do not cover the use of APT in home-based, OSCAR or holiday programmes.)



About the webinars

The three original 60 minute live webinars have been further edited into smaller single-subject videos – making reviewing easier.  The full 3 hours of videos address the following topics:

  • What is the job APT is designed to do?
  • What does ‘managing’ APT mean?
  • How do we develop an effective APT Management Plan?
  • What reports should we be asking for?

During the course of the webinars you’ll look closely at all the reports and logs in APT and how you can use them.  All the questions and answers from the live webinars are available for download too.

Your outcomes

The Managing APT webinars have been developed to expand your ability to manage APT by exposing you to best practices.

By the end of the webinars you’ll be confident in the role APT plays in your centre – and you’ll know how to manage it effectively.

You’ll also take away step-by-step tip sheets and templates.