Yay, the MOE is Coming to Audit Our APT


1-part webinar series
For APT operators and their managers.

75 minute webinar – 90 day access to recordings

Wondering how your next audit will go?

We talked to APT staff, MOE auditors, and centres that have been audited – and came up with 10 key recurring issues that you will want to be confident you are handling correctly.  In the webinar we go though each one in turn, looking at what the Funding Handbook has to say and how you should be dealing with these matters in APT.

Not lots of new APT features or secret tips – because APT handles the MOE just fine when it is given the right information – just a reminder of what APT needs, and to help you make sure you have your systems in place to support it.



About the Webinar

Seventy five minutes of webinar edited to 11 shorter videos for easier viewing.

Each video looks at a key audit requirement : 10 key items and a couple of extra’s. Everything from frequent absence to optional charges!

You’ll see what the Funding Handbook has to say, and how to handle the matter in APT. All based on the past experience of other centres, with advice from the MOE auditor thrown in!

All the questions and answers from the live webinar are available for download too, along with a full copy of the MOE Funding Handbook.

Your outcomes

After you complete this webinar you will know how to correctly handle:

  • All that Paperwork!
  • Frequent Absence
  • 20 Hrs ECE
  • Make-up Days (and it doesn’t matter if you ‘offer’ them or not!)
  • Casual Attendees
  • Licenced Maximums
  • Staff Ratios
  • Exemption for Continuous Absence
  • Missing NSN’s
  • Day of 1st Attendance.